Wonderfest Bound!


I’ve decided that perhaps I should add updates to this blog regardless of what I’m doing.   That way it won’t look quite so….dead.   That includes working on models…or whatever.  Now both of my regular readers (I think one of them might be my wife) can keep track of my  “oh so exciting” life.  So here goes.  I got sidetracked from modeling the past couple of weeks in order to make a few awards for this year’s Wonderfest.  Most of my other Laserfire activities are currently on hiatus to free up time for the Enterprise build, but Wonderfest is something I have to  make an exception for.  So, here they are.  All ready to be boxed up for this afternoon’s trip down to Lousiville. You might not realize it, but there’s actually quite a bit of work involved in putting these together. After each one is cut, the edges are hand sanded with several grits of sandpaper, then lovingly flame polished with a mini oxy-hydrogen torch, then glued to their bases.  I built a custom wooden base for the illuminated Starship Modeler award to house the battery pack for the LEDs .  Its a lot of work, but well worth it, because it looks oh so cool in a dark room.  OK, I need to get these packed up so I can get to the show.   Once I return, it’s back to the Enterprise!

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